Some People Are Sweet On Kool-Aid Pickles, But Others Have Soured On The Idea (Cool Weird Awesome 1239)

Today in 2007, the New York Times published a feature story on Kool Aid pickles, a sweet and sour treat that found some diehard fans in the southern US.

El Reno, Oklahoma Is The Home Of The Fried Onion Burger (Cool Weird Awesome 1237)

Today in 1989, El Reno, Oklahoma held its first ever El Reno Burger Day. It was in honor of a local creation that's been popular for almost a century, the fried onion burger.

Two US Cities Each Insist Their Cuban Sandwich Is The Authentic One (Cool Weird Awesome 1225)

Around this time in 2012, Tampa, Florida declared that “The Historic Tampa Cuban Sandwich” was the city’s signature sandwich. People in Miami weren't thrilled about this, because they insist their Cuban is the historic one.

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Baseball Player Ping Bodie Once Won An Eating Contest Against An Ostrich (Cool Weird Awesome 1213)

Today in 1919, one of the strangest moments in the history of professional baseball, when major leaguer Ping Bodie took on an ostrich in an eating contest and won.

Cap’n Crunch Once Got Sued Because There Weren’t Actual Berries In Crunch Berries Cereal (Cool Weird Awesome 1198)

For National Cereal Day, the stories of people who have taken cereal makers to court over some pretty eye-opening claims. 

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Movie Fans In Texas Enjoy Pickles When They Go To The Theater (Cool Weird Awesome 1125)

It's National Pickle Day. Maybe you put these briny cucumbers on sandwiches, or burgers, or just snack on them as they are. Or, if you’re a Texan, you might order a few up when you go to the movies.

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How Joyce Chen Helped The US Fall In Love With Chinese Food (Cool Weird Awesome 1087)

This week in 1917, the birthday of Joyce Chen, restaurateur, cookbook author, TV host and one of the biggest reasons why Chinese food became a big hit in the United States.

Momofuku Ando, The Guy Who Invented Instant Ramen (Cool Weird Awesome 1073)

Today in 1958, eaters looking for a quick, inexpensive and tasty option got what they were looking for: it was the birthday of instant noodles. And the man known as the Father of Instant Noodles was Momofuku Ando. 

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Before There Were Chicken McNuggets, McDonald’s Tried Selling Onion Nuggets (Cool Weird Awesome 1035)

Today is National Onion Day. For a very brief time in the 1970s, the preeminent fast food chain on Earth thought the onion might be its pathway to bigger sales. Here's the story of the McDonald's Onion Nugget.

Raise A Glass Of Red Drink On Juneteenth (Cool Weird Awesome 1029)

There are lots of traditions that come with Juneteenth, like the foods and drinks that end up on the table at Juneteenth parties. A lot of these refreshments include the color red, and that’s on purpose.

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