Taco Bell Once Sold A Burger Called The “Bell Beefer” (Cool Weird Awesome 1208)

It's our show's fifth birthday! It's also the birthday in 1962 of the first Taco Bell restaurant, which had a "chili burger" on its original menu.

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Auto Companies Hire People To Make Sure The New Car Smell Is Just Right (Cool Weird Awesome 1173)

The auto industry is pleased to report that last year was the best year for new car sales since 2019. That means a lot of people are breathing in the scent we call new car smell, which… well, what the heck is that smell anyway?

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Scientists May Be Able To Recreate Cleopatra’s Perfume (Cool Weird Awesome 775)

We don't know for sure it's hers, but researchers have found traces of a perfume that was likely popular during Cleopatra's time - and they think they may be able to brew some of it up.

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Jerry Stiller Was A Loudmouth Dad On TV, But A Nice Dad In Real Life (Cool Weird Awesome 552)

Today would have been the 93rd birthday of the great actor and comedian Jerry Stiller. He was perhaps best known for playing the overbearing and incomprehensible loudmouth dad Frank Costanza on "Seinfeld," but according to his real-life kids, he was a pretty nice dad. Plus: a new textile exhibit in New York uses fragrances to evoke the artist's childhood in Bangalore, India. 

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Ooh, That Smell: A Corpse Flower Blooms In Chicago (Cool Weird Awesome 40)

The Chicago Botanic Garden has issued a bloom watch for one of its corpse flowers - not humans' favorite scent ever, but still a special occasion, because a corpse flower in the wild only blooms every two to five years.

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I’m Going Out For A Scent (Cool Weird Awesome 20)

Tired? Smoke breaks. Inspired? Scent breaks. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Brown University are looking at whether pleasant smells can help curb cravings for nicotine.

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