A Statue Of Liberty Stamp That Didn’t Actually Feature The Statue Of Liberty (Cool Weird Awesome 1138)

Today in 2010, the US Postal Service released a new stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty - well, sort of. And that “sort of” ended up being a big and expensive deal.

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The Egg Cream Is A Refreshing New York City Classic (Cool Weird Awesome 1083)

Today in 1664, the city previously known as New Amsterdam came under English control and was promptly renamed New York. So we're celebrating an NYC classic, the egg cream.

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The Talking Stamps Of Bhutan (Cool Weird Awesome 862)

October is National Stamp Collecting Month, and there are perhaps no more collectible stamps than the ones out of the small Asian country of Bhutan - like the "talking stamps" that were also vinyl records.

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