Two Kings Spent Millions To Throw Themselves A Party For Over Two Weeks (Cool Weird Awesome 1254)

Today in 1520 the beginning of what may have been the biggest, most expensive party of all time, involving two kings, 18 days and $19 million. 

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Why Audiences Throw Things At The Stage, Though Obviously They Shouldn’t (Cool Weird Awesome 876)

Today in 1883, a bizarre headline in the New York Times: “Actor Demoralized By Tomatoes.” Why have audiences thrown tomatoes and other foods at performers?

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Tomatoes Are Fruit, But The Supreme Court Once Ruled That They’re Vegetables (Cool Weird Awesome 768)

Today in 1893, the highest court in the land made a controversial ruling that would profoundly affect Americans to this day: the US Supreme Court ruled that the tomato was a vegetable.

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The Festival That’s Mostly People Throwing Tomatoes At Each Other (Cool Weird Awesome 100)

Later this month tens of thousands of people will head to Buñol, Spain for La Tomatina, otherwise known as the world’s largest tomato throwing festival. Also, today is day one of the World Yo Yo Contest in Cleveland, Ohio. But most of all, it's Cool Weird Awesome's 100th episode! Thanks for listening and supporting the show!

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At last, we’re getting our first batch of tomatoes! The weather has been such that I haven’t had to water in a couple months; the rain’s taken care of everything [...]

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