A Handful Of VIPs Can Travel To Other Countries Without Passports (Cool Weird Awesome 1252)

If you're traveling abroad this summer you'll need a passport - unless you're one of a very small number of very prominent people who don't need to use passports.

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The First Road Trip Across The Continental US Won A Guy Fifty Bucks (Cool Weird Awesome 1056)

Today in 1903 the conclusion of the first-ever car trip from one coast of the continental United States to the other. And this story starts, like so many other good stories have, with a bet.

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Two Young Brothers Rode Across The Country On Horseback To Hang Out With Teddy Roosevelt (Cool Weird Awesome 1044)

Today in 1909, the brothers Abernathy, ages five and eight, started a 1,300 mile trip - on horseback, unsupervised - from Oklahoma to New Mexico and back. The next year they got back on their horses to ride to New York to see their dad's pal, Teddy Roosevelt.

Predictive Text Is Changing, Not Just Predicting, What We Write (Cool Weird Awesome 298)

A new Harvard study finds those systems that suggest words to us when we type on our smartphones are actually shaping the way we write sentences and messages.

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