How A Guy In 1974 Used A Computer To Order Pizza (Cool Weird Awesome 1139)

Today in 1974, the first time a person used a computer to order a pizza. It wasn't an online order, but it was still a big moment in the history of tech (and the history of pizza).

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Carlester Smith Walked His Way Through Annapolis (Cool Weird Awesome 981)

For National Walking Day, the story of the guy known as the “Walking Man of Annapolis,” Carlester Smith, and how he helped keep his neighborhood clean on daily speedwalks.

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Bobbie The Wonder Dog Walked From Indiana To Oregon (Cool Weird Awesome 836)

It's National Dog Day, so it's a good day to tell the story of Bobbie a dog who once walked home more than 2,500 miles after being separated from his family.

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Charles Oldrieve, The Man Who Walked On Water (Cool Weird Awesome 714)

Today in 1907, Charles Oldrieve finished walking from Cincinnati to New Orleans. The catch? He walked the whole way on special shoes that let him float in water.

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The Parrots That Almost Did Publicity For A Mae West Movie (Cool Weird Awesome 617)

Today in 1934, Paramount Pictures released the movie “Belle of the Nineties,” starring Mae West. And, for some reason, the studio trained several dozen parrots to learn to say the title of the movie so they could appear at theaters and wow the moviegoing public. There was just one problem with the plan, though. Plus: on this World Peace Day, the guy who tried to make the world a more peaceful place by walking backwards. 

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Going For A Walk Could Generate Wind Power (Cool Weird Awesome 390)

A small device created in China could turn anyone of out for a walk (and probably their dogs, too) into small scale power plants, just from the breeze they cause by walking! It's all thanks to what's called triboelectricity. Plus: a Swedish company wants to create OceanBird, a full-size cargo ship that runs on wind power.

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