Snowflake Bentley Showed The World Just How Amazing Snow Can Be (Cool Weird Awesome 1184)

Today in 1865, the birthday of Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, who gave the world a close-up view of the beauty and variety in snowflakes.

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Holland, Michigan Has A Snow Melting System Built Into Its Downtown (Cool Weird Awesome 1175)

To clear snow and ice, some of us use shovels, others use snowblowers. Holland, Michigan uses a long series of tubes under the streets and sidewalks in its downtown district to melt any winter accumulation.

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How The Snow Globe Started Shaking Up Winter (Cool Weird Awesome 1153)

Winter is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere. If it doesn't feel like it yet, grab a snow globe - we'll tell you how they got their start.

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High Tech Snow Chains Could Pop Out When Your Car Needs Them And Retract When It Doesn’t (Cool Weird Awesome 1148)

For drivers in very snowy places, winter is time to put snow chains on car tires. It’s neither easy nor fun - but a new concept from two automakers could change that, by embedding snow chain-like paddles right into the tires.

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If Winter Is Your Thing, Try Staying At An Ice Hotel (Cool Weird Awesome 932)

There’s still plenty of winter to go. But if plenty of winter still isn’t enough, there’s a way to level up: staying at an ice hotel.

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Snow Is White In Real Life; In Paintings It Can Be A Different Story (Cool Weird Awesome 453)

Snow gets its white color because of the way light and color work - but in paintings, artists use a few other tones to make their snowscapes look more realistic and more interesting.

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Jimmy Carter Vs. The Swamp Rabbit (Cool Weird Awesome 280)

Well, that's no ordinary rabbit! That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! It’s Monday, April 20th, a very odd anniversary in the history of [...]

Boston’s Mayor Once Wanted To Clear Snow With Flamethrowers (Cool Weird Awesome 221)

On this day in 1948 of the mayor of Boston, James Curley, wrote to the president of MIT, asking that the school's top engineers find a way to get rid of the huge amounts of snow, maybe with flamethrowers. Seriously.

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