My Twitter blew up this week, and I’ll have more to say about that when my phone stops notifying me every 2-3 seconds. But it made me think of some past good times online that I will now share with you.

You probably know that podcasting legend/Crime Writer with capital C & W Rebecca Lavoie and I have been pals for years. So I found one of the first tweets she ever sent me. Apparently we were combining 70s and 80s TV shows with public radio hosts:

Reblavoie: "What you talkin' 'bout Renee Montagne?!?"

Looks like it was a productive day at the office.

This back-and-forth came not long after another thrilling Twitter moment – with none other than singing great Gloria Estefan! She had that hit song about counting until you were hers, and I did the math to see how high she would have counted if she’d kept going since the song was first a hit. She seemed to enjoy it when I told her.

Gloria Estefan to Brady: "LOL, xoxo!"

My favorite Twitter encounter was undoubtedly this one: when my now-oldest kid was 1 we dressed him up for Halloween as Rowdy Roddy Piper. He was super adorable…

A very cute little toddler version of Rowdy Roddy Piper


…and on a whim, I sent the pic to Roddy. He wrote back the next day:

Roddy Piper: "Your boy still has God Dust on him. He's beautiful and looks great as Hot Rod!"

I’d look for more great moments like these but I’m not sure my Twitter is back at full power yet! Keep checking, keep tweeting… maybe slow down on the retweeting for a while though.