This year’s big growth industry: buying stuff online while you’re hammered. That’s according to a new survey that finds one in four respondents admitted to buying stuff on the internet while they’ve been drinking. Drunk buying is now a $39.4 billion dollar industry… would this be a good time to mention this show is on Patreon?

Americans Spent Over $39 Billion While Drunk Shopping Last Year (Forbes)

Long Island Shopper Cashes In Coupon 36 Years After Deal Was First Offered (CBS New York)

We are in the midst of Global Money Week, an annual event aimed at teaching the young people about the importance of managing your money. We as a culture are perhaps not the best examples of how to hold onto your cash. A new survey finds more than one in four respondents say they’ve bought something online while drinking – last year’s drunk buys totaled $39.4 million, up from about $30 million the year before.

And it’s not just little stuff, either. Fortune Magazine did the math. If about a fourth of the population is drunk buying online, that’s over $700 per person in sloshed sales.

Would this be a good time to mention that this show is on Patreon?

Some people make spontaneous purchases, others bide their time. Last week a shopper on Long Island bought a bottle of Crisco with a 20 cent off coupon that was 36 years old. And yes, it worked: the coupon said right on top “No expiration date.”