Jam break

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We were supposed to spend Sunday morning clearing out the living room for some big construction work this week, but we needed a break and made jam instead.

We have a lot of raspberry plants in our yard, some we planted and some that invited themselves over and stayed. The black raspberry plants – the surprise visitors – ripen earlier, so this batch of jam is mostly from there. We also had some leftover strawberries from earlier this summer, so we did some combination jams.

Raspberry jam

The berries are ready for action.

Raspberry jam

First we mash the berries into a fine paste…

Raspberry jam

Then we boil them in a pot with some pectin and a little bit of sugar…

Raspberry jam

Then we put the boiled goo into jam jars, which go into the canning bath for more heat…

Raspberry jam

And eventually they end up as jam. Ten half-pint jars, in fact – half raspberry/strawberry, half all-raspberry. And there are still plenty of berries to come, so we may end up making another batch.



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