I couldn’t believe how excited I got when I clicked the “Launch” button and we went live on Kickstarter. It could have been that I started the day with the same amount of caffeinated coffee I typically drink over a two week period, of course.

But still, we are live and that means you can drop by Kickstarter to help us make our goal and get this DC trip off the ground. As I write this some absolutely wonderful people have already put us nearly a quarter of the way to the goal, in barely 12 hours. Ain’t that America, as John Cougar might have said if he hadn’t changed his name back to John Mellencamp. The only Cougar in his household now is Meg – nah, I can’t go there.

Lastly, I got to talk about the project a little bit with my pal Virginia on the public radio show Word of Mouth. You can listen to our conversation on the show’s website.

Thanks for making Kickstarter Day One such a big hit!

– Brady