Bob Dylan’s entire career has been left turn after left turn, and in 2009 he goes and does a Christmas album and people are still like, what the heck is this?

I know, Dylan and his increasingly gravelly voice aren’t going to knock Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby or Ella Fitzgerald off the holiday music mountain. But the record is still pretty fun, especially on Bob’s frenetic take on “Must Be Santa.” The band is just flying, especially David Hidalgo of Los Lobos busting out some raucous accordion. And all the royalties went to charity, so don’t be a Grinch about this one.

Still not convinced? Then you should probably watch the video: a party that gets increasingly out of hand until a dude runs full-bore through a glass window, and Bob Dylan and that hair hanging out with Kris Kringle himself.

And the album of Sinatra covers that came out after Christmas In The Heart? That was the left turn.