Comically Vintage recently found a great panel where a bunch of gun-wielding Brits appear to break into someone’s house and impart some kind of lesson.

I suppose this was one of those things that was routine during the war, having a squadron bust into the living room and remind you to recycle scrap rubber or whatnot. I think this approach is due for a comeback – hopefully the UK will see fit to deploy troops across the world and help us get our lives back in order. I think it’d look a little something like this:

Put your bloody groceries in the refrigerator, you sod!

Eliminate environmental factors to control childhood asthma, you great prat!

Talk to your kids about junk mail or the vicar will have to do it!

I know Americans didn’t used to be big on having British troops burst into their houses at will, but that was hundreds of years ago so I’m sure this time around will be different.