Lots of people take vacation in August, and lots of their friends and family members stop by their houses to check on the pets, collect the mail and maybe water the plants.

But what if you don’t have someone close enough to where you live to do that housesitting work for you?

You could have your mail held, and send your pets to the kennel, but what about your indoor plants? Do you take them with you on the road, just so they don’t dry out while you’re away?

The online plant store Patch is offering to take those house plants for you while you’re on holiday, in what it’s calling the world’s first plant hotel.

Just as the kennel takes care of your dogs and cats while you’re not home, the plant hotel will water your leafy friends for you and make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

This particular plant hotel is only running for a few more weeks, but vacationers who need help with their plants seems like an untapped market

Maybe someone could start an online booking service. TerrariumB&B?

Meanwhile, there’s a new art project called The Social Escape Dress.

Artist and designer Kathleen McDermott created a dress that has sensors that try to measure the wearer’s stress levels.

Too much stress, and the dress’s built-in fog machines activate, as McDermott says, to make that stress visible.

Plus, it’d make for a good diversion if you want to make a quick getaway.

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