Every day feels like a race
We watch the time and date but still it gets away
Shorter days, we’re in each other’s way
So much to do, so many lines, so few escapes

We pile more on the hill we’re trying to climb
Count another day until the time
all is calm

All through the house every creature stirring
All eyes are wondering why we can’t stay where we are
We hang our heads by the chimney with care
In hopes this time we won’t get back into the car

Missing things we can’t afford to miss
Dodging every headache is a gift
all is calm

I want to shut out all the noise and hear
Wind in the trees and find the silence in my space
I want to walk through empty streets at night
I want to feel all of the cold air on my face

Leave all of the weary world behind
Shut off all the bright lights in my mind
Turn from all the crowds and watch the snow
Sit with you tonight and then I’ll know
all is calm
all is calm
all is bright
all is bright

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
Special thanks to simon224 for the jingle bells
© 2019 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.