“Back To Backwards” is the first track on Cold Holiday’s 2020 album “Previously,” and was originally the opening track on the 1994 album “Chapternext” by Streetcar.

I’ve been watching through the windows
And I’m learning what you think
The small talk gets smaller
And I’m hoping for anything

Watching me come to my senses
I am waiting up again
I am trying to find it out
Before you walk away

I am waiting, is it hopeless
Just to wonder what it means
It’s turning all around me
Am I only seeing things?

Spinning’s the loneliest beginning
I knew it when I heard you say
Am I walking backwards?
If I am, don’t walk away


The different sides of me
My eyes are opening
It’s crazy, it’s crazy
But it’s all I want to be
And it’s all I ever wanted
It’s all I ever wanted
It’s all I ever wanted
It’s all I ever wanted

I’m back to backwards

Walk away

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
© 1994 and 2020 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.