“Spare” is the fourth track on Cold Holiday’s 2020 album “Previously,” and was originally track four on the 1994 album “Chapternext” by Streetcar.

I’m calling you once again and I don’t know what I’m going to say
Are you going to believe me, or do you think it’s a game to me?
Making up my mind again, should I throw it all away?
Just to prove a point to you that I can’t find out what to do?

If you tune me out again will I have anything to say?
I feel like I should turn away but I’m feeling like a castaway
So I’m forcing myself to look again into the thing we create
I’m sorry it tuned out again, I’m sorry it turned out this way

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
© 1994 and 2020 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.