“Surrounded” is the tenth and final track on Cold Holiday’s 2023 album “We Are All We Have.”

Adrift, alone
For years we had to float
Home was a lifeboat I made for you

We had no map, no horizon
We had no stars to find our way

Far off course
For years I’ve searched for shore
To find somewhere you could call yours

My hopes were high, the waves were higher
Time after time we came so close
We came so close

Waves surround us, clouds surround us
A cage surrounds us, a maze surrounds us
I was so sure I knew the way
If I could pray here’s what I’d say

Wherever you go
May you be surrounded by love

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Cold Holiday
© 2023 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by The Ewan via Flickr/Creative Commons