“That’s All I Know” is the seventh track on Cold Holiday’s 2023 album “We Are All We Have.”

I want you to know
No one tried harder than me
When all I could do was try
When no one would believe
I was the first one to show
And stay here by your side
Till I was all that was left
At least I can say I tried

That’s all I know

I only speak for myself
But I have something to say
I gave you more than I had
There’s no more to give away
I did the best that I could
With what passed through my hands
All I can say is, I’m sorry
That this is all that we have

That’s all I know

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Cold Holiday
© 2023 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.

Cover photo by The Ewan via Flickr/Creative Commons