“Trainwreck” is the b-side of the 2021 single “Everything Happens To You” by Cold Holiday.

Every time I read your name
I check to see if you’re ok
They knock you off the tracks and in the next breath
Call you a trainwreck

Sometimes there’s no easy way ahead
It’s anybody’s guess what should come next
But at your best
You’re still brave and restless

Hanging on is hard around
Hangers on that want to pull you down
Who’s the wreck, someone who could use a hand
Or someone who hopes that a train will crash

They use your own words to tear you down, then
Build you up again so you’ll be around
For a comeback
But you weren’t ever out

You make it through a wreck, that makes you strong
You get to have a place where you belong
Where people cheer you, if you like
Or if you don’t, they give you time
You’re the engine, choose the car
You can be exactly who you are

No one gets to tell you what to do
Go where you want to go and tell your truth
There’s been so much you’ve got right
Forget the parts you never liked
Shut the world out, close your eyes
Raise your hand up high and testify

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday.
© 2021 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.