“What Happens Next” is the eighth track on Cold Holiday’s 2020 album “Previously.” It’s the only song on the album that wasn’t originally on the 1994 album “Chapternext” by Streetcar.

What you learn, the older you get
Over time you turn into yourself
You don’t become your enemies, you don’t become your friends
You walk the path you’ve always walked, you’ll walk that path again
And you can believe what happens next

You and I repeat the moves we make
Every step ahead, and each mistake
We’re made by what we live through, what we lose and what we’re taught
We learn and we live with who we are and who we’re not
And we can believe what happens next

The best of us is shining, the worst of us exposed
We call our better angels, we make the world explode
And we can believe what happens next

Words and music by Brady Carlson
Recorded, produced and performed by Cold Holiday
© 2020 Cold Holiday. All rights reserved.