All those trillions of memes about millennials killing things are kind of a crock. First they’re killing bar soap, then it’s doorbells they’re doing in.

My favorite of these was a 2017 headline that said “millennials are killing lunch.”

Yes, they’re laying waste to meals, and when they’re done the Lunchables so many young people eat today will just be called “-ables.”

But then I saw a piece on the eco-news site Treehugger that said maybe millennials really are killing lunch – not in the literal sense, but killing lunch as in “you’re killing it, dude!”

In fact, an often-discarded piece of their beloved avocados may end up saving lunch, thanks to a new kind of cutlery made from bioplastics.

A Mexican company called Biofase has figured out a way to use what’s usually a discarded part of this generation’s favorite member of scientific family Lauraceae, the seed, and turn it into cutlery.

In other words, they make eco-friendly knives, forks and spoons out of avocado seeds. That’s reducing waste in two ways at once.

There’s actually two kinds.

One biodegrades in less than a year, and the other is compostable.

These kinds of bioplastics, made from plant materials rather than classic petroleum, just may come in handy if more countries decide to scale back or even ban single-use plastics.

But then of course we’d probably see a bunch of headlines about how millennials have killed plastics, right?

If you’re still working on your weekend plans, here’s an offbeat idea: head to Virginia City, Nevada for the 41st International Collegiate Mining Games.

Today and tomorrow, teams are trying their hand at events like gold panning, hand mucking and jackleg drilling, with the hopes of defeating the home team, out of the University of Nevada-Reno, the Mackay Muckers.

Avocado toast photo by The Marmot, via Flickr/Creative Commons