We are in the midst of Global Money Week, an annual event aimed at teaching the young people about the importance of managing your money.

We as a culture are perhaps not the best examples of how to hold onto your cash.

A new survey finds more than one in four respondents say they’ve bought something online while drinking.

Last year’s drunk buys totaled $39.4 million, up from about $30 million the year before.

And it’s not just little stuff, either.

Fortune Magazine did the math: if about a fourth of the population is drunk buying online, that’s over $700 per person in sloshed sales.

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Some people make spontaneous purchases, others bide their time.

Last week a shopper on Long Island bought a bottle of Crisco with a 20 cent off coupon that was 36 years old.

And yes, it worked: the coupon said right on top “No expiration date.”

Americans Spent Over $39 Billion While Drunk Shopping Last Year (Forbes)

Long Island Shopper Cashes In Coupon 36 Years After Deal Was First Offered (CBS New York)

Photo by Sari Montag via Flickr/Creative Commons