Today we’re looking at a new 3D printing project that could make walls for buildings out of soil.

The project is called To Grow A Building, and in some ways it’s just what it sounds like.

As Fast Company reported recently, they can essentially 3D print structures out of dirt, with the help of a custom 3D printing robot.

And these aren’t just fancier-looking mud huts, either: they’re meant to be living walls, with plants growing from the materials.

Note the radishes coming from the test building in the demo video.

The designers are trying to make a statement along with making buildings.

They say the most standard building materials, things like concrete and steel, make up a large percentage of global emissions.

Using all natural materials, even for a few buildings, would reduce that footprint.

The challenge the designers are facing now is one that a lot of new ideas run into: they’re trying to scale up.

In their case, it’s literal: they’re trying to make the 3D soil structures strong enough for actual buildings.

The highest they got at a recent design showcase was a little under five feet.

But they say an idea that has as much potential as this one does deserves some room to grow.

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These 3D-printed dirt walls grow a garden when you water them (Fast Company)

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Screenshot from the To Grow A Building demo video