It was a hard, hard weekend, no getting around that, so I thought it would be a good day to just take the few minutes we share together and just have a little fun, before we have to go back out into the world.

I saw something on Buzzfeed last week that I thought was just perfect. They wrote about an Instagram account called Homesickdotcom, which shares photos of the letters kids at camp send their parents – especially the ones from the kids who maybe don’t want to be at camp.

It’s not that the site is laughing at kids for having a horrible time. I like to think of it as giving props to the way a kid who’s not enjoying camp just completely owns that feeling and doesn’t mince any words in those messages back home.

Here’s a typical letter. It reads: “Dear Mom and Dad, HI! How are you. I am horrible. I am having the worst time of my life.” And below the signature the kid wrote, quote, “PS. F__k you.”

The hope is that there will be more upbeat letters by the end of camp, when they’ve made friends and started to enjoy themselves, though I don’t know if camp can be saved for the kid who wrote to say, “Some kid put 10 pieces of cheese on different parts of the toilet.”

Last week I mentioned that the town of Twinsburg, Ohio, was hosting a festival for twins, and that thousands of siblings were on their way to the area to take part in the parades and games and all that?

Well, that worked great except for Andy and Chad Baker of Nashville, Tennessee.

As Fox 8 Cleveland reported, a member of the Ohio State Patrol pulled the two over as they drove to the festival in identical blue Tesla Model 3s.

The officer thought they had identical license plates, which is understandable because they were designed to be as close to identical as possible. Each plate had five identical letters. The last character on one brother’s car was a letter O, the other had the number zero.

The officer let them go, which is better than last year, when they both got tickets for driving the exact same speed.

Very on-brand for twin brothers.

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Photo by Ray “Pelon” Edgar Ventura CA via Flickr/Creative Commons