My McNuggets Are An Emergency

Wow, remember about a year ago when a woman repeatedly dialed 911 because the local McDonald’s ran out of McNuggets? McNugget rage is back, baby, and the sequel is much darker than the first installment. At least for those trying to order McNuggets at 6:30 am, which is not McNugget Time:

You have to be impressed by the employees here. If they can team up that quickly to pull an angry woman away from the drive-thru window, imagine how quickly they could put together your order of two Filet O’Fish, no cheese, a snack wrap with light dressing and a small orange drink. And even after they’ve all been physically attacked, even after their window has been bashed in, they still hand the next guy his order. If those employees didn’t each get a coupon for 50 cents off medium fries for their heroism, then I’ll be very disappointed.

In keeping with the usual arc of movie trilogies, McNugget Emergency III will feature a hungry heroine teaming up with Ewoks and Sofia Coppola, to find fast food in the Old West. In 3D.

(Thanks, Susan)