One night, a long, long time ago, there was a storm that ran across this land. And during that storm lightning struck a tree in my front yard and gave me the perfect piece of wood. I took that piece of wood and made a bat from it. And then I promptly broke that bat and made some bottle openers out of it.

Bottle Opener: 'Game Used Bat From Major League Baseball'

Hats off to the person who decided to take those broken bats – it’s like 84 per game these days – and put them to new use. Sort of like how Roy Hobbs used the remnants of Wonderboy to beat street punks in “The Natural 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

Each of these bottle openers has an ID number, which lets you trace it to a particular pro baseball game. Kind of cool – though I’d like to see them go one step further and have each bottle opener’s imprint say something about its former life. Here are a few suggestions to get things started:

Bottle Opener: 'Made From a Bat Once Thrown at Mike Piazza'

Bottle Opener: 'Billy Ripken wrote F__k Face on this bat'

Bottle Opener: 'All Your Bat Are Belong To Us'

via Neatorama