It’s a sad but common occurrence: Man allegedly walks into club to sell drugs, gets caught, big trouble. While dressed as the Incredible Hulk.


Andersen sold cocaine to a fellow nightclubber as he was dressed as the Hulk, which, as Andersen’s own defense pointed out, couldn’t have made him more conspicuous. At his hearing, Andersen admitted to the charge of supplying cocaine, and to another charge of possessing marijuana. Defender Shane Crawford unintentionally humorously added, “This was a serious lapse on his part, a serious lapse and aside from the comedic element, his dress, he couldn’t have stood out more to police.”

True, though unlike some costumed criminality we’ve heard about lately, dressing as the Hulk at least suggests some kind of deviation from the social norm.

The takeaway here is, of course, stay away from drugs, or at the very least, when around drugs, don’t do anything that will cause your own defense attorney to refer to “the comedic element” of your illegality. Otherwise you’ll have no defense except this one:


Do you suppose this is what Nick Nolte would look like after a burst of intense gamma radiation?