That’s what we said when we came home to find the front face of the house is completely sided. After several months of having no second floor, then a frame, then a frame with Tyvek, it really does look like a house again.

Front siding

Now I just have to paint it. Hoo boy.

As for our contractors, they’re already working on the other sides of the house. As I write this, they’re working on the side closest to the garden.

Side siding

And that’s not all that’s in the works. The city inspector approved the framing on the inside of the house, which means we can start putting things inside that framing. Like electricity:

Electrical box

In addition to yards and yards of wires and lots of electric boxes, the electrician is also installing lots of phone/cable/internet boxes in the upstairs. So we’ll be fully wired in the next few days, it looks like, so long as Sonya and I pick out overhead lighting fixtures this weekend.

After electrical there’s plumbing and insulation, and then they can put in the actual walls upstairs.

Siding! Electricity! Actual walls! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed you all until you started coming back to the house.