This week we’re replaying some of our favorite shows about the old ball game:

Carlton Fisk’s Home Run Wave Changed TV Sports, But It Almost Didn’t Get Filmed At All (October 2021)
It’s one of the most legendary moments in World Series history. But that iconic clip of Carlton Fisk waving his game-winning home run fair was caught by the camera kind of by accident.

Baseball’s First, Fightingest Umpire (March 2019)
The first pro ump in the big leagues was a man named Billy McLean – who, when he wasn’t calling balls and strikes, was occasionally challenging hecklers to fistfights.

Satchel Paige Was So Good He Could Still Get Batters Out In His Late 50s (July 2020)
Leroy “Satchel” Paige may have been the most legendary pitcher baseball ever saw. He was a star for decades, and once pitched three scoreless innings in the major leagues at age 59.

Little Leaguer Katie Brownell Once Struck Out Every Batter In An Entire Game (May 2021)
An 11 year old pitcher in upstate New York brings her A-game to the Little League field. She not only pitches a perfect game, she strikes out all 18 batters she faces!

Germany Schaefer, The Baseball Player Who Stole First Base (August 2021)
A guy on second base once ran backwards and stole first base, the base he’d just been on. Here’s the very unusual story of this very unusual player.

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Photo by Dennis Yang via Flickr/Creative Commons