This week we’re replaying some of our favorite feline-themed episodes. 

Publicity photo of Félicette. (Photo: public domain via Smithsonian

Félicette, The First Cat In Space

A black and white cat from the streets of France became the first cat to go into space. She didn’t choose to go, of course, but she’s a pioneer just the same – and until a few years ago, a greatly underappreciated one.

Guapo the cat with a guitar, by Mikey G Ottawa/Street Photographer via Flickr/Creative Commons

There’s Music For Cats And It’s Apparently Very Good For Them

Can music help cats relax during their visits to the vet? Apparently so – but would music specifically made for cats be even more helpful than music made for humans?

Orange tabby cat sits near a bike, though this is neither the bike nor the cat featured in the episode. (Photo by Takayuki Miki via Flickr/Creative Commons

A Bike Trip Around The World With A Cat

Dean Nicholson left his job and started a bike trip across the world. While riding through Bosnia, he heard a “desperate meow.” So, instead of riding solo, he decided the cat would come along.

A mural of Room 8 the cat at Elysian Heights Elementary School in Los Angeles. (Photo by Paul Narvaez via Flickr/Creative Commons

Room 8, The Cat Named For A Classroom In L.A.

Some classrooms have their own pets, but none will be quite like Room 8, a stray cat turned classroom cat turned legend.

The Matterhorn. (Photo by Antoine via Flickr/Creative Commons

A 10 Month Old Kitten Once Climbed The Matterhorn… Somehow

In 1950, the Coshocton, Ohio Tribune carried a news story with one heck of a headline: “Kitten Scales Matterhorn: Veteran Mountain Climbers Are Astonished”! Here’s how the cat, later nicknamed Matt, got there.

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