“Rick Barrett is considered to be a leading expert in the field of collecting Led Zeppelin items.” That’s for darn sure, seeing as how he has one of the most unique pics I’ve seen in a while.

From what I’ve read, the idea was that putting Emo with a golden god like Plant was going to boost his profile and make him a star. This is a philosophy I can get behind – in fact, I have gotten behind it. I’ve put together some marketing mockups for some items that can benefit from a little exposure to Percy’s star power.

Law and Order and Robert Plant

“The police who investigate crimes, the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders, and the Tall Cool One who’s built to please…”

Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and Robert Plant

“Bon appetit!”

“Happy cooking!”

“O father of the four winds, fill my sails…”

Dukes of Hazzard and Robert Plant

Just some good ol’ boys who COME FROM THE LAND OF THE ICE AND SNOW

Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew and Robert Plant

We ain’t doing this because we’re greedy. Robert Plant is doing this to feed the needy.

Robert Plant and Mrs. Butterworth

T-Bone Burnett presents the Grammy Award-winning “Raising Syrup”

Anything else we should Plant-ify?