Mr. Contractor, tear down this wall

er, I guess you already did. This was a bedroom wall, with the staircase to the second floor on the other side. This was a major headache when we moved in – we were thinking of using the upstairs as a bedroom, but the enclosed staircase was so narrow and curvy that it was impossible to get a boxspring up there and we ended up in this room instead. The new staircase will be open – a good design choice, seeing as how all the bedrooms will be upstairs now.

Ceiling layers

The guys were doing demolition yesterday, so Owen and I vacated the premises for the day in case they found anything hazardous. They didn’t, fortunately, but they did find that the first floor ceiling is actually three ceilings layered on top of each other. The original ceiling was plaster; at some point someone added a tile ceiling (?) and then eventually someone added sheetrock over that to make the ceiling we have now.

I don’t know how these things happen either, I just live here.