The show:

The A-Team, 1983-1987. George Peppard. Dirk Benedict. Dwight Schultz. And, of course, Mr. T. The show that launched a thousand grenades from the back of a super-fast van. The A-Team taught America the solution to corrupt sheriffs, crooked lawyers and surreptitious cockfighting promoters was to blow stuff up and crack wise in the process. It’s 27 years later. Today we think we live in the world Aaron Spelling made, but beneath it all is Hannibal, Face, Murdock and B.A. Baracus, and no one can touch them.

The contender:

Dimwitted columnist by day, renegade… uh, dimwitted columnist by night. Too old for “ALF,” too young for “Knots Landing,” and too bitter for anything else, Brady Carlson was looking for a way to get rich and famous by glomming onto someone else’s hard work. And in an A-Team-inspired takeoff of the Julie/Julia project he found it. Risking his weekends, his free time and his already tentative grip on reality, he has signed on for a deranged assignment.

365 days. 97 episodes. One dude and a DVD box set.

How far will it go? We can only promptly escape from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground, and survive as soldiers of fortune…

Brady and B.A.: My Year With The A-Team. Coming to a website near you.