With the polar vortex behind us (hopefully – it’s March already) I’m heading back out on the road!

This is the big final push to see the final 16 presidents for this project, and some pretty great sights along the way. Monticello is one of them – I’m heading there this weekend to check in with Mr. Jefferson’s people, along with visits to the tombs and houses of Madison, Monroe, Tyler and, just maybe, a president of a different ilk, Jefferson Davis.

Later in the month I head to the Midwest – starting in Indianapolis, I’ll hang out with Benjamin Harrison, the only president whose successor was also his predecessor. He’s buried in a cemetery whose main draw is not a former US president, nor multiple US vice presidents, but John Dillinger. From there I head east to Ohio see Harrison’s grandfather, who spent most of his brief presidency dying of pneumonia, and south to Louisville, Kentucky, where Zachary Taylor rests in between exhumations. (Just kidding, they’re not going to pull him out again. Probably.)

And that’s just the month of March! April brings a family trip to Pennsylvania, to see the many wonderful and weird sites in Philadelphia and a trip to the country to see where poor James Buchanan rests. And I’ll head west to Missouri and Kansas, to see Truman, Eisenhower, and, with some luck, plenty of presidential descendants.

Can’t wait to tell you all about the trips!