The seven year old spent a lot of time tonight working on a drawing, though nobody got to see it until it was done.

“Is this a drawing of us on the boat trip we took in New Hampshire?” I asked.

“Yes!” she said, excitedly. She said that she and I were sitting at a table while she was drawing (which is what she actually did for much of that trip) and her mom and brothers were going up the stairs to explore and see the sights (which is what they did for much of that trip).

“Who’s sitting at the table next to us?” I asked.

“A rando,” she replied.

The best part came last.

“Who’s that at the top?” I asked.

“The captain,” she said, “and he’s eating chips.” Which is what the captain actually did for part of that trip! We saw him manning the big wheel with one hand and grabbing Ruffles cheddar chips out of the other.

This kid’s got an eye for detail.