My head is spinning. Who knew the way to make Billy Joel more listenable was the add more layers of Billy Joel?

Now this isn’t the kind of principle that can be easily transferred to other artists. Having one Jeff Tweedy, for example, is good, but having 340 Jeff Tweedys would be a big problem (especially for Mavis Staples). In this case, though, having more Billy Joels could be the best, most effective way to deal with the problem of Billy Joel. Heck, it might even work on other problems. Rather than Jimmy Wales staring holes through your face every morning with those “please read and donate” messages on Wikipedia, we could have something like this:

Wikipedia banner: 'Please read: an update from several hundred Billy Joels'

I say, carry us into the brave new world, Captain Big Shot Jack Piano Man who goes to extremes in the river of dreams and didn’t start the fire.

via LINDSEY (weber)