Happy Kwanzaa and happy Boxing Day!

Today’s an important day in the world of dead presidents, as we have two passings to mark. One is Harry Truman, who died in Kansas City on this day in 1972. The papers reported the 33rd president had been “conquered finally by the infirmities of age.” He was buried on the grounds of the Truman Library in Missouri, so that, as he put it, he could get up and work if he wanted.

"Harry (Give 'Em Hell) Truman Dies"

The other came in 2006, when Gerald Ford died at age 93. Fortunately he didn’t pass in any of the ways that Saturday Night Live’s version of Tom Brokaw prepared for back in 1996:

And it was on this day in 1983 that pro wrestling history was made. As the Iron Sheik said on Twitter, “36 YEARS AGO I BECOME CHAMPION IN THE MOST FAMOUS ARENA ON THE EARTH AND I BECOME THE LEGEND”

And speaking of wrestling, my friend Mister Gator pointed out to me that there’s a mashup of Randy “Macho Man” Savage as Emperor Palpatine in “The Empire Strikes Back” and I want Disney Plus to put this into the streaming version of the movie.