Rocky is at the animal hospital getting his thyroid fixed, and he has to stay there for a few days while the radioactive stuff leaves his system. We can watch him by webcam, though, and judging from this picture, he must think he can watch us, too.

Rocky watching TV

We are told Rocky is “a bit grumpy” but is settling in for his recuperation. Here he is watching TV – they show videos of squirrels and birds frolicking, which the cats love.

Rocky standing on a box

Rocky does not like being around other cats – and so undoubtedly he’s grumpy that there are five other cats around him in the recovery area. This may be why he decided to channel his inner Keith Moon last night. According to the staff he dumped all his food and water over and jumped on his cardboard box until it partially collapsed. If he could’ve gotten hold of the TV I’m sure he would’ve tried to throw it out the window.