The wide plank wood floors are completely installed! They look amazing, and they haven’t even been finished yet – that’s starting this weekend, I believe.

We got stair treads made from the same wood as the floors, and they’re in place now too.

Up the stairs

We have to paint the trim and the bottom pieces – very carefully, I imagine.


And the shower surrounds are now in place, as is the fan/light in the bathroom.

What else is in the works? Exterior painting is underway – our painter has matched the trim paint to the exact color on the old trim, which is amazing.

We have the rest of the bathroom fixtures ready to install, as well as the bathroom floor.

And we have the lighting fixtures! Here are the ones we ordered special from a lighting guy in Tennessee. The one on the left goes above our staircase, while the one on the right and several others like it will go in our living room. The tin hole patterns make a light pattern on the walls, which we think will really accentuate the old timey feel of the house.