Maria Beasley Invented A Life Raft And Lots Of Other Hugely Useful Things (Cool Weird Awesome 1244)

Today in 1882 inventor Maria Beasley received the patent for a collapsible life raft. But Beasley was one of those inventors who came up with idea after idea in a bunch of fields, so there's lots more to her story.

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Bonnie Richardson Won A State Track Team Championship By Herself – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 1233)

This month in 2008, a high school athlete from a very small town competed as a team of one in the Texas track championships, and finished first two years in a row.

Florence Price Finally Takes Her Place On The List Of Great Composers (Cool Weird Awesome 1217)

Today in 1887 (or, by some accounts, 1888), the birthday of a composer who’s really only now getting the acclaim she deserves: Florence Price.

Jessica Cox, The First Person Born Without Arms To Become A Licensed Pilot (Cool Weird Awesome 1179)

Today in 1983, the birthday of Jessica Cox, the first person born without arms to become a licensed pilot. And that’s just one of her many accomplishments.

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Jean Carroll, TV’s First Female Standup Comedy Star (Cool Weird Awesome 1176)

Today in 1949, a first for American network TV: a female comedian did a standup routine on the air. Here's the story of comic Jean Carroll.

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Puerto Rico’s Festival de las Máscaras Gets Colorful And Loud (Cool Weird Awesome 1157)

If this time of year is a little too drab and grey for your tastes, head to Puerto Rico’s northern coast for Festival de las Máscaras de Hatillo: the Festival of Masks. 

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How Joyce Chen Helped The US Fall In Love With Chinese Food (Cool Weird Awesome 1087)

This week in 1917, the birthday of Joyce Chen, restaurateur, cookbook author, TV host and one of the biggest reasons why Chinese food became a big hit in the United States.

Jackie Ormes Brought Black Characters To The Comics Page (Cool Weird Awesome 1060)

Today in 1911, the birthday of Jackie Ormes, the first Black woman to have syndicated comic strips in newspapers.

Kitty Burke Once Batted In A Major League Game (Cool Weird Awesome 1059)

Today in 1935, singer Kitty Burke got up from the crowd at a major league game and took an at-bat. To date, she's the only woman to bat in the majors. 

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In India, Telegrams Were Still Around Until 2013 (Cool Weird Awesome 1048)

Today in 2013, the last traditional telegram message went out, decades after telephones and smartphones and text messages and so on. So why were there still telegrams here in the 21st Century?

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