If It Had Been Up To Billie Jean King, Astronaut Sally Ride Might Have Been A Pro Tennis Player (Cool Weird Awesome 1013)

Today in 1951, Sally Ride was born. She was a worldwide sensation in the 1980s as the first American woman in space, but before that, she was a talented youth tennis player who once caught the attention of the legendary Billie Jean King.

Claire Weekes Came Up With Six Words To Help With Anxiety (Cool Weird Awesome 985)

Today in 1903, the birthday of Dr. Claire Weekes, who helped the world understand that sometimes the way to stop a spell of anxiety in its tracks… is, in a way, to stop trying to stop it. 

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Susanna Madora Salter Became The First American Woman Mayor Kind Of By Surprise (Cool Weird Awesome 961)

Today was the birthday in 1860 of the first woman to serve as a mayor in the United States, Susanna Madora Salter, of Argonia, Kansas. She wasn’t looking to make history and didn’t even run for the job, but then sometimes you choose the moment, and other times the moment chooses you.

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Ora Washington, The “Queen Of Two Courts,” Ruled Tennis And Basketball Alike (Cool Weird Awesome 956)

For National Play Tennis Day, the story of Ora Washington, one of the great early stars of women's tennis who also happened to be one of the great early stars of women's basketball.

How Lusia Harris Became The “Queen Of Basketball” (Cool Weird Awesome 947)

Today in 1955, the birthday of a basketball champion named Lusia “Lucy” Harris. Though "basketball champion" may not be quite the right term for her: she’s also been called the Queen of Basketball.

Betsy Ross May Not Have Made The First Flag, But She Really Did Make Flags (Cool Weird Awesome 917)

Today in 1752, the birthday of the woman known today as Betsy Ross. The legend goes that after meeting with General George Washington, Mrs. Ross put together the very first version of what would become the flag of the United States. Historians are pretty sure that’s just a legend, but there are reasons why the story came to be.

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Cheers To The First Woman To Perform Shakespeare Onstage, Whoever She Was (Cool Weird Awesome 900)

Today in 1660, for the first time a woman took to the stage in England and performed a role in a production of Shakespeare’s Othello. We know she was a trailblazer. We know she was a pioneer. We don’t know who she was.

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Helen Hulick, Who Went To Jail For The Right To Wear Slacks In Court (Cool Weird Awesome 888)

Today in 1938, a California woman took a stand in court for the right to wear slacks instead of a dress in court. Here's the story of Helen Hulick and her campaign against "anti-slackism."

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Hisako Koyama Tracked Sunspots For Almost Half A Century (Cool Weird Awesome 859)

International Astronomy Day is coming up this weekend, so we’re talking about Hisako Koyama, an astronomer who hand-drew tens of thousands of daily observations of the sun and its spots.

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Margaret Abbott Won Olympic Gold Even Though She Didn’t Know She Was In The Olympics (Cool Weird Awesome 858)

Today in 1900, Margaret Abbott became the first American woman to win an Olympic title, even though she didn’t know she was in the Olympics.

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