Buried: Oyster Bay, New York
Died: January 6, 1919

See him: Young’s Memorial Cemetery is a small, steep spot on the way to TR’s house, known today as the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. The first sign you’ll see there is a bit jarring, talking about how the main path is “dangerous” and you’re walking at your own risk. But after a short uphill jaunt you’ll find a sign that marks the start of the TR funeral procession in 1919, which was also uphill. Friends had 26 steps installed from this spot to the top of the hill where the Roosevelts are buried, since he was the 26th president. The actual burial spot is encased in an iron fence, but you’ll still get a good view once you’re up there. And you’ll also find a rock with an enjoyable inspirational quote not unfamiliar to anyone who remembers Casey Kasem’s days as the radio host of “America’s Top Forty”:

"Theodore Roosevelt said: 'Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground'"

See also: Theodore Roosevelt Island, in the DC area. It’s got hiking trails that TR himself would have loved. It’s also the only memorial to a president that you could make into a scary movie: “Escape from Theodore Roosevelt Island.”