It’s finally getting warm enough where I live that everybody is outside, walking, running, biking and skating.

It turns out each one of them could also be a human power plant, fueling devices with their own sweat.


Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science and three other Japanese universities have developed an array of biofuel cells that’s powered by lactate, a chemical found in our perspiration.

The idea is that the array could power wearable health sensors that would be too thin and flexible for traditional batteries to be useful.

The system could also power small communication devices that could send the health data it measures back to a larger device, like a cell phone or a smartwatch.

Sometimes genius really is, like the old saying, 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.


Lots of people are working on how we might enable cars to drive themselves, but here’s a project that adds another feature to the world of autonomous vehicles.

The Airo is a self-driving concept car that is not only all-electric, it has a built in filter to clean the air it drives through.

No Batteries? No Sweat! Wearable Biofuel Cells Now Produce Electricity from Lactate (Tokyo University of Science)

This Autonomous Electric Car Concept Actively Cleans the Air While It Drives (Cool Material)

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Photo by Kailash Gyawali via Flickr/Creative Commons