Today in 1978, the New Jersey Nets lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in what would become a very unusual game: according to the box score, four players were on the roster for the Nets and for the Sixers. And three of them played in the game.


In the original game, the Sixers won by four points in double-overtime, but along the way, a Nets player got called for an offensive foul, which turned into a technical foul, which got him ejected because he already had one technical foul.

That set off the team’s coach, who got three technical fouls.

After the game, the Nets protested, and the NBA decided the technical fouls were illegal.

They ordered that the last part of the game be replayed the following March.

And that’s what happened, except that in February, the Nets and the Sixers had made a four player trade.

So in the official stats, those players are on both team rosters.

One player, Eric Money, even scored for both sides.

He had 23 points for the Nets and four for the Sixers.

The Nets still weren’t able to beat Philadelphia, but at least in the replayed game they didn’t get any technical fouls.


It was 50 years ago today that Led Zeppelin released their fourth album, the one with “Stairway To Heaven” on it.

I mention this because two artists have built an installation in Taiwan that resembles a stairway to heaven!

It looks like a long series of mostly transparent stairs that go up and up and up into the sky…

So if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow today, don’t be alarmed.

In 1978-79 season, deal like no other happened at NBA trade deadline (

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