Modern society assumes that more information is always better than less – so we have nutrition facts, stock prospectus forms and road signs about every 8-10 inches.

These are generally considered good things, but sometimes too much information is really too much information. So for every useful nutrition fact on a package, there’s a “do not eat” label on a package of toner, or a “may be harmful if swallowed” warning on a hammer. A hammer!

In the clear tradition of “do not eat toner” disclaimers, Wikipedians have provided aid for those half-dozen or so people without brain stems who might mistake the movie Space Jam for a documentary:

Excluding the events involving the Looney Tunes, the story loosely mirrors Jordan’s real life.

My copy of the Official Guide to Professional Basketball does show Yosemite Sam and several Nerdlucks playing pro ball for a while in the 70’s, but I might have been reading it upside down. Or maybe they were in the ABA, where things were always a little “iffy”?

Now we should note that while Jordan’s experiences with the Looney Tunes are clearly noted as fictional, other celebrities’ encounters with Bugs and Daffy are not. So when Errol Flynn shows up at the end of “Rabbit Hood,” that part mirrored Flynn’s real life. And it wasn’t acting when Humphrey Bogart asked Bugs for money in “8 Ball Bunny” – it was The Real Thing. Just like Wikipedia.

Thanks to my wonderful friend Fayul for finding this one