A few things we’ve seen in the yard lately:

A red red rose

Red, red roses are popping up all over the rose planters. So are the companion plants – some are even taller than the roses, which is slightly unintended.

Black raspberries

Our wild raspberry patch is picking up right where the strawberries left off – we already have enough to start making jam. And when those start to wrap up, the red and white raspberry patch (the non-wild area) will be ready for picking.

Hail kale

All hail kale! This is a new addition to our garden but it’s the most productive plant so far. Which is awesome, because we’re eating kale all the time these days. A friend of ours got us hooked on baked kale chips – the greatest appetizer ever, especially when the kale is super-fresh.

The grapes are back

The grapevine is no garden rookie, but it is in the running for Comeback Player of the Year. I think we got about ten grapes in 2010, but the vine has bounced back nicely this year.