Let me start by saying we don’t joke about Canadians here. I like Canadians, and most jokes about Canadians aren’t actually jokes, they’re just references to hockey, lumber and/or Rush with the word “eh” thrown in at the end. “Hey, what if Geddy Lee scored a hat trick in the Yukon, eh?” I mean, seriously.

Simply put, if there are any funny jokes at the expense of Canadians, it’s Canadians who are gonna think ’em up, not us. (People thinking “What about South Park?” right now, please prepare to be hit.)

Here’s the other reason I don’t joke about Canadians: I’m a pretty dedicated coward, and I don’t want to get any Canadians riled up, like this guy. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THE SWEARING:

So again, don’t go out of your way to rile these folks, just make sure the cable’s on and everything will be fine. And if you absolutely must tell a Canadian joke to someone, tell it to me. I’ll be offended, but as a coward, I probably won’t do anything about it.

via Boing Boing