National Night in SIngapore!

The key lines from this past week:

Leave the raccoon, man, there’s no time! “They did try to stop the paint gun, but with the amount of congestion Thursday, the squirrelly geometry of the road and the size of equipment, they couldn’t turn around to go back and fix the mistake.” – a transportation engineer in Pennsylvania, explaining why a road crew painted yellow road lines on top of a dead raccoon and left it there for a day. (They did go back later and, um, repaint.) [Consumerist]

But at least we don’t paint road stripes over humans: Animals aren’t the only species who are dressed up after they die. We do it to humans too.”- principal Pauline Sutton of Uruti School in New Zealand, explaining her school’s dead possum dress-up competition. [Daily Mail]

And instantly everyone in Singapore has to wash his/her hair that night: “Singapore’s population/it needs some increasin’/so forget wavin’ flags/August 9th we be freakin'” – lyrics from the song promoting National Night, a government-backed effort to boost the birth rate through hip-hop.

[Foreign Policy]