Gavin and Alice Munro run a furniture farm in England. That’s right, rather than turning trees into lumber and using that to make chairs, tables and sofas, they shape living trees into furniture, to be more sustainable. Plus: today marks 15 years since the city of Melbourne dedicated a street in honor of the band AC/DC.

UK Couple Growing Furniture On Farm (Huffington Post)

Bon Scott sculpture cranks up the rock in Melbourne’s AC/DC Lane (Sydney Morning Herald)

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Today we bring you the story of Gavin and Alice Munro, who are furniture makers, though I’m not sure if “makers” is the right word here. Probably furniture growers is more accurate.

They’re running a furniture farm in England.

Rather than cutting down lumber and assembling chairs, tables and couches, they shape living trees into the shape of furniture as they grow.

The Munros say the trick is to find the shoots that are already growing in the right direction and help those, rather than forcing them to go where you want them to go.

The idea here is that these are much more sustainable than regular wood furniture.

They also take a lot longer to create – six to nine years of growing, plus a year after that to dry out and take final form.

No surprise, then, that the pieces cost thousands of dollars.

No word yet on whether they’ll be sold at farmer’s markets, or whether there will be a pick your own stand.

Today marks 15 years since the city of Melbourne paid tribute to one of the biggest Australian rock bands of all time, by dedicating a street as AC/DC Lane.

And for those about to cross, we salute you.