Richard Nixon as a zombie

“Well, Richard Nixon, from up the road a ways, welcome to the big city.”

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SPOILER ALERT! The upcoming season of TV’s The Walking Dead is very, very unlikely to include former president Richard Nixon as a cast member, even though the man has extensive zombie-fighting experience thanks to the game Call of Duty: Black Ops. It’s a show about dead people, and yet all the actors are alive? That’s totally unfair.

But I might have found a way to sneak Nixon onto the show anyway, albeit as a zombie. I used the “Dead Yourself” website, which is trying to gin up excitement about the fourth season. As I always do with these kinds of “make your own” such and such generators, I put the 37th president into the mix, and voila:

Richard Nixon as a zombie

This might be even better than his cameo on “Laugh-In.”




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